Hand-lettered Prints

Hand-lettered prints in inspirational quotes are perfect
gallery wall additions. I also do custom lettered designs.
See all of them at

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My card line is all hand-lettered in playful tones to offset
the cussy loveliness that the greeting itself entails. I have
several stockists across the US and they can be purchased
on etsy, both individually for a loved one, or on a wholesale
and consignment basis for your storefront. Reach out to me
to inquire. See the full line at

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Wedding Design

Have the perfect vision in mind for your day but don't have
a designer to make it happen? Why go to Minted or Zazzle
when you can have a beautiful design tailor made for you,
that no one else in the world will ever have. To see more of
examples of my wedding suites, visit